Principles of Molecular Virology Principles of Molecular Virology Image
AUTEUR Alan J. Cann
ISBN 9780128019467
Key Features : Provides a conceptual approach to the principles of molecular virology. Includes examples of important advances in virology. Features online resources for students and instructors. New to this Edition : Expanded coverage of newly discovered and emergent viruses such as MERS and Ebola. Includes new and updated information on bioinformatics and metagenomics. Increased prominence of Influenza virus throughout. Updated Learning Outcomes and Further Reading for each chapter.
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The fourth edition of the hugely successful Principles of Molecular Virology takes on a molecular approach, presenting the principles of virology in a clear and concise manner. This work explores and explains the fundamental aspects of virology, including structure of virus particles and genome, replication, gene expression, infection, pathogenesis and subviral agents. The self-assessment ...

Principles of Virology is the leading virology textbook because it does more than collect and present facts about individual viruses. Instead, it facilitates an understanding of basic virology by examining the shared processes and capabilities of viruses. Using a set of representative viruses to present the complexity and diversity of a myriad of viruses, this rational approach enables ...

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