Lotus Domino Administration. A Desktop Quick Reference

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AUTEUR Greg Neilson
ISBN 9781565927179
Lotus Domino is an enterprise mail server and workflow application environment, as well as a secure application and web server. With over 55 million seats worldwide, Domino provides a strong foundation for messaging and web applications. Lotus Domino R5 has been expanded to interact with most browsers and other non-Notes clients, so you can choose your favorite language to design web applications. With R5, you can also centrally modify client configurations instead of hopping from one terminal to the next throughout the company. All this capability implies complexity, and it's easy to, forget which menu you need. Here's where Lotus Domino Administration in a Nutshell can help. It's a quick reference you'll turn to again and again to find solutions to your organization's administrative problems.This book includes coverage of:• The Domino architecture and key concepts• Domino directories• Database properties and access control• Domino as a mail and web server• R5 administration tools• Monitoring Domino• Supporting the Notes client• Configuring Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS)• Domino for IIS• The Internet Cluster Manager• R4/R5 coexistence• Server tasks, and console commands• NOTES.INI referenceWhether you're looking to change messaging servers, modify your administration tasks to a simpler and more efficient level, or ensure the security and flexibility of your web application server, Lotus Domino Administration in a Nutshell will give you the everyday help you need to make the most of this reliable and scalable integrated server platform.
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Sometimes new administrators don't have the necessary references or documentation on how to get started. So our purpose here is to present, as simply as possible, how to perform the basic duties of a Domino server administrator. 1.2 Products overview IBM Lotus Domino is a server product that provides enterprise-grade email, collaboration capabilities, and custom application platform. Lotus ...

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