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ISBN 9782896261321
Have you ever wondered about Earth energies, ley lines, portals, sacred sites, and the conscious relation between Gaia and humanity? If so, then this is definitely the book for you. Australian author and naturalist Monika Muranyi has compiled everything that Kryon, the great magnetic master channeled by Lee Carroll, has ever shared about Gaia! For more than 23 years, the loving messages of Kryon have been shared worldwide. This book represents an amazing compilation of research that covers many topics never before published by Kryon. Monika's personal experiences and insights weave together the Kryon teachings and wisdom to present a very unique picture of our origins, why we are here, and how we can now grow in a conscious, symbiotic relation with our planet and also open to our star family. This first-time ever compilation of quintessential Kryon teachings includes fascinating new material. We have here a grand perspective of all the love that brought us to this beautiful garden planet. Is it possible that the whole purpose of Gaia is to support humanity? Is it possible that Human Beings are not simply another form of mammal on a planet moving around the sun? Is it possible that the energy delivered from the vibratory rate of this planet is based upon what humanity does and this will actually affect the Universe? The answer is yes to all. So if that is the case, what kind of a system is in place that would allow such a thing to be? That's what we are discussing in this book. - Kryon
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30 Apr 2019 - The Gaia Effect is the first book in The Gaia Collection, a hopeful dystopian novel by Claire Buss. See more ideas about Gaia, Busses and Claire.

The cover of the Gaia Effect held great promise and did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into a dystopian future of Earth. Buss has combined some of my favourite fantasy tropes with real spiritual passions that I love to see in stories. She's carefully wound these behaviours and opinions into a credible cast of characters who follow some challenging arcs. Her world building ...

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