Emergence from Chaos to Order

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AUTEUR John-H Holland
ISBN 9780192862112
In this fascinating book, one of today's most innovative thinkers, John H. Holland, explains the theory of emergence-a simple theory that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Emergence demonstrates that a small number of rules or laws can generate incredibly complex systems. From the checkers-playing computer that learnt to beat its creator again and again, or the fertilized egg that can program the development of a trillion-cell organism, to the ant colonies that build bridges over chasms and navigate leaf-boats on streams, and groundbreaking book contains wide-ranging implications for science, business, and the arts.'He's the man who taught computers how to have sex. And now, for an encore, he's working on a theory to explain the complexity of life and its myriad manifestations on planet earth.'New York Times'John Holland is an exceptionally imaginative person. Often surprising, andalways engaging, he takes the reader on a journey from simplicity to complexity'SIR ROBERT MAY
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